Simms advises Jets to turn Sanchez loose

Before the season began, CBS Sports analyst Phil Simms predicted the New York Jets would win the AFC East.

Like the rest of us Monday night, he saw how abysmal the Jets' offense was against the Baltimore Ravens and watched Mark Sanchez struggle to amass 74 passing yards.

But Simms still has confidence the Jets' offense will come around. Simms shared his thoughts on the Jets' upcoming game against the New England Patriots. He will handle color commentary for the telecast alongside Jim Nantz.

"After the fact they did 'Hard Knocks' and being 0-1, the most compelling story of the game is watching to see what the Jets' offense decides to try to do on Sunday," Simms said. "That is what everyone is waiting to see. Can the offense be more productive and more open?

"I know there is such a firestorm about Mark Sanchez here in New York. Nothing has changed in my eyes. The talent is there in a lot of aspects, and the Jets just have to let him show his talents. Let him move. Let him throw it. Whatever it takes."

Simms also weighed in on the pointed commentary coming from the Patriots this week.

"It is not quiet as usual in New England because this week it's been all the stories about Tom Brady saying he doesn't like the Jets and Randy Moss talking about Darrelle Revis and Revis making comments back," Simms said.

"What we have to accept is there will be talking every week because there is so much attention on the NFL and because there are so many people reporting on it in so many ways. One line or one phrase can turn into a big story instantly. It is very hard now to go one week under the radar."