Patriots, Jets charge most for tickets

Tom Brady pointed out a major difference between New England Patriots fans and New York Jets fans, stating how difficult it is to play at the Meadowlands while pointing out the aloof Gillette Stadium crowd leaves early to beat the traffic.

Despite their differences in allegiance and behavior, it turns out there's an issue Patriots and Jets fans can commiserate about.

They pay more money than other fans to watch their teams play in person.

The Team Marketing Report released its survey of average NFL ticket prices. The Patriots' prices stayed flat but they remained atop the list at $117.84.

The Jets had the highest increase in the league because of their new stadium.

Jets tickets soared 31.8 percent to an average of $114.64. The New York Giants, co-inhabitants at the new $1.6 billion Meadowlands stadium, raised their tickets 26 percent to $111.69.

NFL tickets on average went up 4.5 percent to $76.47.

The Miami Dolphins charge their fans below-average prices. Miami ranked 19th in the league at $70.54.

Ralph Wilson Stadium still offers some of the cheapest tickets. The Buffalo Bills were third from the bottom at $59.19, about half as much as the Patriots and Jets and ahead of only the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns.