When the fun stops: Crowder calls uncle

Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland indicated Wednesday the rollicking verbal sparring match between linebacker Channing Crowder and New York Jets coach Rex Ryan wouldn't be tolerated.

Then on Thursday, the Miami Herald ran a story in which Crowder says he's done yapping.

Probably not a coincidence. Miami Dolphins minicamp opens Friday. The cameras and microphones will engulf Crowder when he comes off the field.

But, apparently, he won't have anything more to say.

Crowder earlier referred to his uncle beating up Ryan. Now Crowder is calling uncle while claiming victory.

"This is over," Crowder told the Herald. "I'm done with this victory. I'm going to save the head coach the embarrassment of arguing with an opposing player to the media. We play twice this season, so we'll see who the better team is then."

Ryan got in the final shot Wednesday when he said, tongue in cheek, "The only thing I can say is -- and let's see if he can top this one -- I've walked over tougher guys going to a fight than Channing Crowder."