Bruschi's Breakdown: Time to reset offense

If you intend to watch Sunday's playoff rematch between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, or if you simply want to feel smarter about football in general, be sure to check out the latest installment of "Bruschi's Breakdown" at ESPNBoston.com.

ESPN analyst and former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi's insightful weekly sitdown with reporter Mike Reiss takes a look not only at the key matchups in Gillette Stadium, but also the impact of the Randy Moss trade from X's and O's and locker room perspectives.

Bruschi believes that "conceptually" the trade will improve the Patriots by getting them back to basics.

"That '07 year, the 50-touchdown-passes year with 23 to Moss, that was something special. I don't know if it will ever happen again. Looking back, I think it might have messed some people up in terms of philosophies -- Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and other coaches that are here, the idea that you could relive that, so let's keep trying and trying. Having that magical year when an offense explodes and puts its mark on the history books can mess you up, and I think it did. After the past couple of years, I think they realized it wasn't going to happen. You just have to let it go. Now they're going back to an older approach."