Patriots' Brady scores a 97 in Madden 10 ratings

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
Earlier today we got caught up on AFC East player ratings for Madden 10, which are being released this week on ESPN.com's video game page.

The New York Jets and Miami Dolphins came out Monday and Tuesday. Now it's time to unveil the New England Patriots.

They look darn good. The Patriots feature nine players with overall ratings of 90 or higher. Six of them are on offense, including three on the offensive line. Tom Brady had the highest score on the team with a 97. For the record, Peyton Manning received a 99.

There are sprinkling of 99 scores in the individual player traits. Brady in stamina, Randy Moss in jumping ability, Wes Welker in acceleration.

Running backs are suspect. Fred Taylor has an overall score of 82, but be prepared to hand off to Laurence Maroney (78 overall). Taylor's injury rating is 46 and his toughness is 47.

Next up: Buffalo Bills ratings come out Thursday.