Tim Hasselbeck: Chad Henne will be fine

ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck is an advocate of Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne and recommends patience as the second-year starter comes into his own.

"They don't want to make the move back to Chad Pennington," Hasselbeck said in a "Countdown Daily" video segment that takes a look at Henne's numbers. "Really, when you look at Chad Henne, he's played well this year.

"He's had a couple of weeks where he made a couple crucial mistakes. You can look at the Monday night game against the New England Patriots, and that will come to mind, where two bad decisions really impacted how people viewed his performance in that game. But Chad Henne's an excellent quarterback."

Hasselbeck also views the Dolphins as a potential playoff team because they improved during the offseason more than any other team in the AFC East.