Jeff Ireland's time at hand with Dolphins

Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland called the New England Patriots about trading for Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins, quickly closed the deal on a Davone Bess contract negotiation once Bill Parcells packed up and moved out of the facility and has been told the club won't hire former Kansas City Chiefs executive Carl Peterson.

Those are a few of the insights Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero provides in a behind-the-scenes look at the state of the Dolphins' front office.

Salguero, citing unnamed league sources, describes Ireland's control of football operations and he projects what that will mean moving forward without Parcells.

Salguero writes:

This passing of power with the Dolphins the past six weeks would be a lot sexier if I could tell you the change will mark a new direction or scintillating new style for the franchise. Sorry.

Sexy is not what the Dolphins were under Parcells. And that's how it's likely to stay under Ireland.

The franchise's approach to acquiring players will not change significantly. The way it conducts other football business won't change significantly, either.

Ireland will keep looking for "acorns," as he calls them, even if it means shaking Bill Belichick's tree.