Belichick knows 'how fragile' 5-1 record is

The New England Patriots are totally aware they've caught some breaks along the way to compiling an impressive 5-1 record.

They're tied with the New York Jets -- the only team that has beaten them -- atop the AFC East and are on the short list of the league's elite teams heading into Week 8.

But head coach Bill Belichick is keeping his team's success in perspective.

A bounce here or there and they might be tied with the Miami Dolphins in the division standings.

"It's good to win, but also we know we're one or two plays away from that being the other way like most teams in this league are," Belichick said Monday at a news conference. "Five-and-one could easily be something else, and something else with some of these other teams could easily be 5- or 6-1. We know how fragile that is.

"The big thing is just being able to make the plays at the critical times of the game that you need to make. That has as much to do with winning as anything. You just never know when those situations, how exactly they're going to come up. But when they do, if you can make those two or three critical plays in the game, a lot of times that'll put you over the top."