AFC East quote marks

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
A collection of quotes from AFC East training camps Tuesday ...

Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to uphold a three-game suspension:

"I'm going to be the biggest cheerleader Buffalo has seen in a while."

Lynch on whether he's learned a lesson:

"It's a hard thing, sitting out a game when you're not hurt. Preparing, leading up to it, just the feeling that you have when you know you can play, and now that you can't play it gives you that feeling that 'I messed up.' That isn't a position I want to be in. I love being out there too much to ever want to put myself in a position like this, where I can't strap up on Sundays to go be out there with my boys."

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan on the intensity of training camp so far:

"I feel this is a hungry football team. This team wants to win. You just sense it. Obviously, last year to be so close and still fall short of the playoffs, I'm sure it's part of it.

"There are two ways to respond. One way is you come out and go through the motions. The other way is that you're so hungry, you can't wait. You want to win. Everything you do is about winning, and I think that's where this team is. That's what I sense. Maybe it's me, but I feel it."

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano on running back Ricky Williams:

"When you watch this guy run, and running conditioning or running out there [in practice], there's still burst to him. I see the strength, and I see all those positives that have come in the offseason, and I just hope we can translate those things into yards when we get out there on the field. The thing that Ricky does is that he runs pretty hard when he gets the football, so he is going to make yards."

Bills coach Dick Jauron on whether there's been progress in signing 11th overall draft pick Aaron Maybin.

"Not that I'm aware of, no."

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez on how he's spending his nights at SUNY Cortland:

"The smart guys, they're not up playing video games. They're not up walking around, hanging out, sitting out in the sun. Just get down, close the blinds, get under the covers and go to sleep. That's what I'm trying to do and wake up fresh for the next practice."