AFC East quote marks

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
A sampling of comments from AFC East training camps Wednesday:

Buffalo Bills left tackle Langston Walker on whether he has lost weight:

"Asking about an offensive lineman's weight is like asking a woman's age."

New York Jets left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson on his goal to make the Pro Bowl:

"Everybody has to set goals -- team goals as well as personal goals -- and my goal is to make the Pro Bowl this year. I know we have a real tough schedule, but I believe this coaching that we are getting and the conditioning that we're doing is going to put us in a great position. I think as an organization we also have goals of winning the Super Bowl. I think that if we can plan on being successful it's easier to obtain those goals and always be in a hopeful situation. Like, well, I hope one day, let's just claim it now."

Bills safety and team NFL Players Association steward George Wilson on the San Diego Chargers fining cornerback Antonio Cromartie for tweeting how bad the food is:

"Sometimes it's better to stay quiet then to go out and start voicing you opinion, whether it's verbally or on the Internet. But, you know, we are humans. We are men. Do we not have opinions, or does our First Amendment right not apply to when we're in the work place? Which one is it?

"I mean, it's food. The man says the food is nasty, that's his opinion. That doesn't mean the rest of the guys in the locker room feel that way, but you can't ... It just goes to show you: You can't start criticizing your employer."

Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano on whether he has music from new part owners Gloria Estefan or Marc Anthony on his iPod:

"I got an iPod, but it's like Frank Sinatra and that stuff."

Sparano on the next step for inside linebacker Channing Crowder:

"He makes an awful lot of tackles out there on the field, so you hope to get a few more balls knocked out of there, those types of things.

"The other thing I think is his leadership out there. I'd like to see him take the next step there in that process. He's a young enough player that that should start to happen now and that he should start to become more of a leader out there on the defensive side of the ball."

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick on having Mike Shanahan observe practice:

"It was good to be able to talk to Mike in a non-competitive situation, where we're trying to beat each other's brains out, but talk football and talk about some team situations. I think Mike's a tremendous coach. He's a great football mind. He's a good motivator. He's run an excellent organization from top to bottom: coaching, scouting, player acquisition, all that stuff.

"He's one of the top coaches in this league, even though he's not in it currently. I would still consider him one of the top NFL coaches -- certainly over my career -- that I've competed with."