Barnwell: Miami terrific fit for Randy Moss

Football Outsiders managing editor Bill Barnwell has compiled a thoughtful team-by-team rundown of the best fits for wayfaring receiver Randy Moss.

The column is for ESPN Insider subscribers, but I can provide a glimpse of how Barnwell described the AFC East's chances. He gave each team a score based on a scale of 10, with zero being senseless and 10 being ideal.

The Dolphins were one of only two teams to score an eight, while an NFC team was a perfect match.

Buffalo Bills (first in waiver order): No hope of going to the playoffs and a similar player in the lineup, Lee Evans. Wouldn't spend the cash anyway. Fit: 0/10

Miami Dolphins (18th in waiver order): Another team rumored to be interested already, Miami rank fourth in DVOA on short passes (fewer than 15 yards past the line of scrimmage) and just 25th on deep throws. Moss would give them a deep threat and has one prominent former teammate on the roster: Chad Pennington. Fit: 8/10

New York Jets (30th in waiver order): Yes, they could stick it to the Patriots. On the other hand, they already have Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards for downfield passes. Signing Moss would just make one of those two unhappy. Fit: 3/10

New England Patriots (32nd in waiver order): Moss knows the playbook. He appears to regret his decision to move away from the Patriots. But Bill Belichick isn't exactly fond of backsies, and Deion Branch and Brandon Tate have looked better than Moss since the latter's departure. It's a bad place for both parties. Fit: 3/10