Dolphins WRs at odds over Randy Moss

What would the Miami Dolphins' receiving corps think about adding Randy Moss?

Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline offered differing viewpoints Tuesday on Miami sports-radio station WQAM.

"Come on. Go get him," Marshall said during his weekly visit with Hall of Fame receiver and afternoon host Michael Irvin. "Let's go. Let's go. Let's get him. Let's get him. Let's go get him. That's my thought."

The Dolphins are 18th in the waiver order, meaning 17 teams would need to pass on Moss before they had a chance to get him.

"I don't know what we'll do, but I welcome him with open arms," Marshall said, "and I think that'd be good to open things up for us receivers: Brian Hartline, [Davone Bess] and myself.

"He brings something special to a team, and he's one of the best. I think we have such a young segment, group that he can teach us how to be pros and how to get better. So I would love to have him."

Hartline obviously disagrees with Marshall's take on Moss. Hartline is the receiver who would be watching from the sideline if Moss joined the Dolphins.

"Overall, as a football fan, I would say no" to Moss, Hartline told WQAM host Gino Torretta, the Heisman Trophy quarterback. "Maybe a lot of Miami people might not like that, but if you look at our team ... I don't think he's the part we're missing.

"He can make big plays and warrant coverage. If he comes in, all you're going to look at all game is Cover 2. You're going to have Brandon on one side, probably Randy on the other, and you're going to have two high safeties the entire game and Ricky [Williams] and Ronnie [Brown] should eat everybody alive. That'd be the assumption.

"But, for us, if you think about longevity, you want to win now ... I don't think that an addition of a Randy Moss necessarily changes our team a whole lot. If we are missing a piece, that's not the piece we're missing."