Moulds: Phillips firing still haunts Bills

Patrick Moran of BuffaloSportsDaily.com picked a good day to publish his enlightening Q&A with former Buffalo Bills receiver Eric Moulds.

Moulds covered a lot of ground in the interview and gave blunt assessments of the current Bills, noting a glaring lack of leadership and his disdain for playing games in Toronto.

Purely by coincidence, Moulds' best comments pertained to the firing of Wade Phillips -- 10 years ago.

Phillips was the last coach to take the Bills to the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys fired Phillips on Monday.

"I think we were onto something good," Moulds said of the 2000 Bills. "I think that move [firing Phillips] set us back 10 years as an organization, and the Bills are still trying to recover now. We had a playoff team, great coaches and a lot of Pro Bowl players, and the powers that be just ripped it up like a piece of paper. Still till this day it bothers me."

Moulds, without naming owner Ralph Wilson, also pointed a finger at "the powers that be" above Phillips for switching quarterbacks when the Bills began the playoffs after the 1999 season.

Doug Flutie started every game until the regular-season finale, getting the Bills to a 10-5 record. Rob Johnson started instead and remained the starter for the playoffs.

"I thought it was the dumbest decision made in history of pro sports," said Moulds, a three-time Pro Bowler. "It's a story that I wish ended differently."

The season ended with the Music City Miracle. The Bills haven't been in the playoffs since.