Hasselbeck sees 'a lot of holes' in Jets

ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck didn't agree with the Power Rankings panel this week.

Hasselbeck gave his top five NFL teams on "SportsCenter" and didn't include the New York Jets.

Instead, he ranked the New England Patriots third. The Patriots were sixth in ESPN.com's latest Power Rankings.

"When Tom Brady is your quarterback, you always have a chance," Hasselbeck said. "You've got to realize, too, there's been a decent amount of roster turnover for them. No Randy Moss. You have Deion Branch there. You're getting production out of Danny Woodhead."

Hasselbeck rated the Pittsburgh Steelers first, followed by the Baltimore Ravens, Patriots, Atlanta Falcons and New York Giants.

"SportsCenter" host John Buccigross challenged Hasselbeck's omission of the Jets, who have the same 6-2 record as the Patriots and beat them in Week 2.

"I got a lot of issues about the Jets," Hasselbeck said. "They were lucky to get away with one against the Broncos, very lucky to get away with one against the Lions. So to me there's a lot of holes in that Jets football team."