Fine example why humility is good policy

Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Aaron Maybin might want to update his website.

The sophomore pass-rusher, drafted 11th overall last year, hasn't recorded an NFL sack yet and has been a healthy scratch for three weeks. He can't get on the field for a weak defense on a winless team.

But at AaronMaybin.com you will find "Maybin Mayhem," a rap song that proclaims how great he is while also celebrating his wealth and affinity for the celebrity lifestyle.

"Maybin Mayhem" apparently was produced shortly after the Bills drafted Maybin out of Penn State. Or at least I hope so. The song reached Western New York's consciousness this week, leading some to believe it was produced recently.

Buffalo sports-radio station WGR did a fantastic segment in which Dan Fisher gave a dramatic reading of the lyrics, which are amazing to listen to or read.

Mayhem Maybin

Quarterback cravin'

Go hard, crazy

Defensive Wes Craven

The O-line can't save him

He stay misbehavin'

You go hard, he go harder

Not fair, Sergeant Slaughter

Bills bought him, Joe taught him

Party hard, no boredom

Combat like contact

That new Nike contract

Ciroc sipper, stocked colder

Super star, rock and roller

Gonna bowl the block, you can't hold him

No shaping, no mo

No run attack, no running back

Call the stretcher, too much pressure

Can't hide, I'll come fetch ya

Best believe I'll come get ya

Defense like precincts

Everybody locked up

That quarterback gonna need a bail

Fourth and three? He gonna fail

Better throw that Hail Mary

Maybin coming, real scary

Touchdown chance, real thin

Get up off that field and

Just know I go hard

Guarantee we will win

Maybin talking: Yeah, we gonna win because when we step on this field they gotta knock us in between these sidelines for four quarters, and that ain't happenin'!

First-round draft pick

Fifty-eight, fightin' and blaow!

Endorsement deal, Nike now

Buffalo, aw wipe me down

See I'm rushing, that goal to blitz

Show the pinky ring, let him know I’m rich

Aaron Maybin, name print

Maybach mayhem