Podcast: Cris Carter talks Patriots, Jets

NFL analyst Cris Carter was a guest on "Mike & Mike in the Morning" to discuss what he saw in Sunday's games.

Carter explained the New England Patriots rebounded from that humiliating Week 9 loss to the Cleveland Browns and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field because of professional honor few teams -- namely the Dallas Cowboys -- can draw upon.

"There's two words: One is 'pride' as a professional, and No. 2 is the 'process,' " Carter said, "that process being Bill Belichick, when they got embarrassed by Cleveland, he probably put all the bad plays in the game on one tape. And when they got to the meeting room, he showed that tape. So you, the coaches and your teammates can see how bad you played. You get embarrassed. So, collectively you come together."

Carter gave his take on how good the New York Jets and quarterback Mark Sanchez really are.

"There's one thing that I think he has to eliminate from his game, especially when we get closer to the playoffs and in the playoffs," Carter said. "They have a very good offensive line, so there are times when he has six, seven seconds to throw the ball. Son, throw the ball away! All right? Don't be back there scrambling, loop-dee-loo, Fran Tarkenton reverse field. Just throw the ball away and dial up another play because he is right on the verge of having two or three horrific plays by just trying to buy time."

Carter also shared his thoughts on former teammate Randy Moss' yawn-inducing Tennessee Titans debut against the Miami Dolphins.