Patriots trio penning brilliant short story

ESPN.com senior writer Greg Garber took his tape measure to Gillette Stadium for a feature story on the New England Patriots' tiny trio of Wes Welker, Deion Branch and Danny Woodhead.

All of the pocket-size playmakers openly address their physical dimensions.

And why would they shy away from their perceived shortcomings when their multidimensional skill sets are a major reason why the Patriots are 7-2?

I found it interesting the only one who claimed to be taller than his listed height was Branch, also the only one of the three to have been drafted and never waived. Branch is listed at 5-foot-9, but contended he has shorted an inch all these years.

Maybe because Welker and Woodhead are survivors they're more willing to wear their smallishness like badges of honor.

Woodhead not only embraced his measurements, but he also confessed to be shorter than advertised. The New York Jets -- before they waived him -- listed him at 5-9.

"Five-seven and three-quarters," Woodhead said. "Something like that."

Garber noted Woodhead is a bulkier 200 pounds and wears a size 46. Welker and Branch wear size 44.

"Heart -- it's all heart, work ethic," Branch said. "It's all about what you put in during the offseason. Everybody thinks you've got to be tall, strong, you've got to be fast to play the game, and it's not that way."