Dierdorf: Sanchez's development obvious

Dan Dierdorf doesn't have much tolerance for Mark Sanchez snipers.

"If you're not impressed with the growth of Mark Sanchez," Dierdorf said, "you don't know a great deal about football."

Dierdorf, the Hall of Fame offensive lineman and CBS Sports color commentator, will cover Sunday's game between the Houston Texans and New York Jets at the Meadowlands.

Dierdorf has been increasingly impressed with what he has seen out of New York's second-year quarterback.

"After the disappointment of the opener against Baltimore [on opening night] and against Green Bay in Week 8, it seems like Mark Sanchez has really rebounded after facing some adversity," Dierdorf said. "Every time it looks as if he's hitting a wall, he's been able to pick himself up and play good football.

"Brian Schottenheimer is calling the game differently now, realizing Sanchez is doing things he wasn't doing before like stretching the field and opening things up. You can just see it."

The Jets, however, are just 2-2 at home and haven't scored a point at the Meadowlands in five weeks.

"When you're 7-2 there is not gross disappointment," Dierdorf said. "But they can't be pleased that both of their losses have come at home, and in those two losses they've scored a total of nine points.

"The Jets have two games at home in the span of five days, so they are really looking to re-establish their mojo at the new Meadowlands. Their confidence has come with winning on the road -- granted, not exactly against the two best teams in the league in Detroit and Cleveland the past two weeks. Though Cleveland is certainly an up-and-comer.

"But it's like golf. They don't ask 'How?' They ask 'How many?' They're both W's. There are no style points awarded in the NFL."