What has Santonio Holmes meant to Jets?

We can see plainly New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes has made a substantial impact to the offense each week, particularly in crunch time.

But is it possible to quantify how much Holmes has improved the Jets on a game-to-game basis?

With thanks to Advanced NFL Stats numbers cruncher Brian Burke (and ESPN Stats & Information researcher Alok Pattani for pointing me in the right direction), we can examine the enhancement.

Burke calculates "win probability added" to show how plays in critical situations (for instance, an 11-yard reception on fourth-and-10 when trailing by four points with 1:30 to play) improve a teams chances of victory.

Among all receivers, Holmes ranks second only to Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons in accumulated WPA for the season. Holmes, though, missed the first four games of the season while serving a suspension.

On average, Holmes has improved the Jets' chances to win a game by 31 percent -- highest in the league.

Pattani pointed out over the Jets' past four victories, Holmes' game-changing plays have increased the Jets' chances by 146 percent, or nearly 1.5 wins.

In Week 6, he drew a pass interference call on fourth-and-6 from the Denver Broncos' 48-yard line with less than 90 seconds to play and the Jets down by three points.

In Week 9, Holmes made a 52-yard play in overtime to set up the winning field against the Detroit Lions.

In Week 10, he caught a quick pass from Mark Sanchez and turned into a 37-yard touchdown to beat the Cleveland Browns in overtime.

Last week, Sanchez threw to Holmes in the left corner of the end zone to beat the Houston Texans.

The Jets have gone 5-1 since Holmes returned. Burke claimed that without him on the field, based on the plays he has made, the Jets would be more like 3-3 in that span.