Trent Dilfer: Tom Brady is not the best QB

New England Patriots star Tom Brady posted the first perfect passer rating of the season in last week's victory over the Detroit Lions.

Brady is considered by many to be the league's MVP through 12 weeks and has guided to the Patriots to a 9-2 record.

But ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer does not believe Brady is the best at his position.

"I really believe Philip Rivers is the best quarterback in football today," Dilfer said, "and I know that's almost sacrilegious with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady still playing quarterback. But nobody does more things in a cluttered environment than Philip Rivers does. Nobody pushes the ball down the field more than Philip Rivers does.

"His level of difficulty for which he plays the position, down in and down out, far exceeds that of any other quarterback in this league. All that being said, he still puts up sick numbers. He still wins games late. He gets everybody involved.

"Watch the film. Philip Rivers is the best quarterback in the NFL."