Debate revisited: Jets-Patriots confirmed

The most popular item on the AFC East blog Wednesday examined which rivalry was better: the New York Jets and New England Patriots or the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens?

AFC North blogger James Walker and I debated the merits of each divisional showdown, and readers swelled the comments section underneath with their thoughts.

"NFL Live" host Trey Wingo raised the question with analysts Mark Schlereth and Darren Woodson, who combined for 25 NFL seasons, five Super Bowl titles and seven Pro Bowl selections.

Between these highly credentialed gents, there was no debate.

Schlereth: "I'm going to say right now it's the Jets and the Patriots. I understand the Steelers-Ravens. The Steelers and the Ravens, to me, are two very similar teams, physical teams, knock-you-out teams. You look at [the Jets and Patriots], they're so different. One is very boisterous in the Jets. One is very conservative in New England. The style of football is different as well -- very physical with the Jets, while in New England they want to throw it around."

Woodson: "I agree. I think it's the Jets and the Patriots, and the reason why is there are so many subplots in this. Rex Ryan does a whole lot of talking in the offseason, saying how much they want to beat the Patriots. Spygate in the past, Darrelle Revis taking shots at Randy Moss ... There are so many rivalries within this thing, and it's gotten worse and worse."