Jon Gruden: Tom Brady can't be swept

ESPN analyst Jon Gruden doesn't believe the New York Jets -- or anybody -- can beat New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady twice in the same season.

The Jets befuddled Brady in their Week 2 meeting at the Meadowlands. Even with star cornerback Darrelle Revis sidelined by a hamstring injury, Brady posted a 16.9 passer rating in the second half. That was the third-worst rating of Brady's career after halftime.

New England had Randy Moss for that game, but not for Monday night's rematch.

Brady's track record in Gillette Stadium, however, gives Gruden conviction to predict New England will win this time. Brady has won 25 straight home games, tying Brett Favre for the NFL record.

"The game is equally important for both teams, but given the fact that it's at New England and the Jets have already beaten New England this season, I think it's a little bigger for the Patriots," Gruden said on a conference call.

"I don't see anybody sweeping Tom Brady twice in the same season in my lifetime. It's going to be a tall order, I believe, for the Jets. I think Brady is at the top of his game and the consecutive winning streak at home is unbelievable."