Will Fins at Jets be Interceptionpalooza?

In a showdown between second-year starting quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Chad Henne, interceptions will be the measuring stick.

So says AccuScore's analysis of Sunday's game at the Meadowlands. In AccuScore's 10,000 simulations, the New York Jets beat the Miami Dolphins 58 percent of the time by an average of three points.

Henne and Sanchez are coming off three-interception defeats.

Henne averaged a paltry 61 passer rating, but in simulations where he didn't throw an interception, the Dolphins won 56 percent of them. When Henne threw two or more interceptions (that happened in 30 percent of the simulations), the Jets won roughly 80 percent of the games.

Sanchez averaged a 71 passer rating. If he can limit himself to no more than one interception, then the Jets' chances climb to 67 percent.