Fans losing their stomach for Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan's popularity never has been lower.

He's not the type of personality who endears himself to rival fans. Now, even New York Jets followers are down on him.

As a result, Ryan is dead last in this week's SportsNation head-coach approval ratings.

A meager 16 percent of respondents are in Ryan's corner, a steep drop from his previous season-low of 40 percent a week earlier.

Readers have voted on Ryan more than any other coach but one. In fact, Ryan has received twice as many votes as the coaches who generated the third- and fourth-most, Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith and Dallas Cowboys proxy Jason Garrett.

Who has generated the most votes?

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has almost twice as many votes as Ryan and happens to be the most appreciated at 93 percent.

Belichick's season-high percentage is even more impressive when you consider his legion of haters. Even when the Patriots have done well in the past, those detractors have kept Belichick's approval rating down.

Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey is at 70 percent, which would be his third-highest rating of the year. Gailey hit 81 percent in Week 11 and 74 percent in Week 12.

The week-to-week graph for Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano looks like Charlie Brown's shirt. He's at 60 percent this week, well off his season-high of 89 percent for Week 2, but much better than last week's season-low 31 percent rating.