Simms: 'Rough game' ahead for Sanchez

Mark Sanchez has been rattled the past two weeks. It's imperative the young New York Jets quarterback finds some semblance of positive momentum Sunday -- and soon after the opening kickoff.

That sounds like an objective that can be orchestrated, but neither the opponent nor the locale are the conducive type. The Jets will play the unforgiving Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field.

Phil Simms, who will be there to call the action with Jim Nantz for CBS Sports, shared his thoughts on Sanchez's delicate state.

"He's hit a rough spot," Simms said. "But you can only learn through time. It's much easier to shake off the rough spots when you're older. So as I look at him, my first thought is 'Let's make sure his confidence is high. Let's not go by what he says or how he acts in practice. Let's get him some confidence right away in the game.'

"I know the coaches think about that, but the problem is they are up against the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense. It's not the Steelers' makeup to let quarterbacks get in rhythm or have great success against them, especially early.

"It's going to be a rough week, a rough game, and the quarterback has to manage it accordingly."