Joe Namath doesn't believe Rex Ryan

Joe Namath loves the New York Jets.

The Hall of Fame quarterback still isn't going to withhold a harsh opinion when he has one.

Namath said "I find it very difficult to accept" Jets head coach Rex Ryan's repeated claims of ignorance about strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi's commands to form cordons along the sideline to inhibit gunners on punt returns.

Namath noted that even if other teams are doing it with any degree of effectiveness, as Jets special-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff claimed the New England Patriots have, then a head coach will be aware of it universally.

“I think every head coach in football knows what’s taking place over there when it comes to the team," Namath said on "The Broadway Blitz with Joe Namath," his weekly show on Sirius NFL Radio. "As far as knowing what's going on over there, it's the head coach's job to know.

"I've never been a head coach, so Rex, you know, they have different ways about them. But I can't see how you wouldn't understand that if something is working for the other teams you are not going to implement it or somebody on your side's not going to implement it.

"You don't have to directly tell Alosi to form a wall over there. They sit in these meetings. They see special-teams play of the other teams as well. And I wouldn't doubt that Alosi simply inferred, rather than being told to do that, that that was the right thing to do because everyone else was doing it."