Esiason: Jets hung Sal Alosi out to dry

On Sunday's edition of "The NFL Today," CBS Sports analysts Dan Marino and Boomer Esiason discussed the controversy swirling around the New York Jets after Sal Alosi's villainous trip brought attention to the sideline wall they constructed to inhibit gunners on punt coverage.

Esiason said the Jets made Alosi the fall guy, suspending him indefinitely without pay and fining him $25,000 while head coach Rex Ryan and special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff denied they knew anything about it.

Marino: "Yeah, he is ultimately responsible. So is Mike Westhoff. But at the same time, I talked to Mike Westhoff. They say they did not teach this at any time. They did not know this was going on with the team, especially him and Rex Ryan both. I played on the Dolphins for 17 years. Mike Westhoff, 16 of those years was the special teams coach. He wouldn't lie to me. He said he doesn't teach it. He doesn't know anything about it."

Esiason: "It's all semantics here. What doesn't he teach? He doesn't teach to stick the knee out. That's what he's not teaching. But he does teach to line them up on the sideline. And I will tell you this: Sal Alosi is not a rat. He will not throw the coaches under the bus. Although I do think that Mike Westhoff did throw Sal Alosi under the bus this week by playing semantics with his language."