AFC East wins series against AFC North

The 2010 schedule featured cross-over games between two of the NFL's premier divisions.

The AFC East and AFC North concluded their round robin Sunday at Heinz Field, where the New York Jets beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In a series between divisions that almost certainly will send two teams apiece to the playoffs, the AFC East won with a combined record of 9-7 and outscored the AFC North 373-330.

But not even the New England Patriots could pull off a sweep against the AFC North. The Patriots almost inexplicably lost to the Cleveland Browns, but overall they outscored the AFC North 114-104.

The Jets also went 3-1 against the AFC North. They allowed just 57 points.

The Buffalo Bills went 2-2 (with both losses in overtime) and outscored the AFC North 112-93, a wider margin than the Patriots.

The Miami Dolphins were the only AFC East team to lose the series or to be outscored. They went 1-3 and were outscored 76-64, although they had a beef with the way they lost to the Steelers on an apparent fumble that officially wasn't.

The Dolphins' victory was over the Cincinnati Bengals, who were swept by the AFC East.

The Baltimore Ravens were the lone AFC North club to have a winning record against the AFC East.

In last week's ESPN.com Power Rankings, the AFC East averaged out as the second-best division behind the NFC South. The AFC North was fourth.