Caption this: Whoa, there, big fella

Help us caption this photo of Patriots guard Dan Connolly returning a kickoff 71 yards. AP Photo/Tim Cook

It's not often you see a 313-pound man in a No. Sixtysomething jersey barreling 40, 50, 60 yards and more toward the end zone.

Yet that's what transpired Sunday night in one of the more memorable plays of the season.

New England Patriots guard Dan Connolly scooped up a squibbed kickoff and rumbled 71 yards to the Green Bay Packers' 4-yard line. Three plays later, the Patriots scored a touchdown to pull within a field goal just before halftime.

It provided a funny scene, the kind that screams for you to deliver a caption.

Write it from Connolly's perspective, the Packers' perspective or yours. Or from Mohandas Gandhi's for all I care.

Just be funny, and keep it clean.