Woody Johnson fully supports Rex Ryan

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson held a news conference Thursday to reaffirm his support for Rex Ryan in light of recent incidents that have ensnared the head coach and the organization.

"He's still the coach of the New York Jets," Johnson said. "I have a lot of respect for Rex and his family.

"My respect has not diminished one iota."

Ryan has declined to discuss a recent Deadspin.com report he and his wife produced foot fetish videos that were posted on YouTube. Ryan repeatedly called them "a personal matter." The Jets and the NFL agree.

The allegations came a week after the Jets had drawn NFL scrutiny for strength coach Sal Alosi's trip of Miami Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll.

Johnson also addressed that investigation. He said he has apologized to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for the trip and to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft after Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff accused the Patriots of forming the same phalanx Alosi organized along the sideline to inhibit gunners.

"We're going to make mistakes," Johnson said of the organizations repeated problems, which also included an NFL investigation for treatment of female reporter Ines Sainz and receiver Braylon Edwards' DUI arrest. "We're not perfect, but we are pretty good -- once we’ve made a mistake -- at trying to make remedies, trying to cure, trying to correct what we're doing.

"We're trying to get better every year. We're going to work on things like our culture. We're going to work on trying to make ourselves an organization that doesn't have, preferably, any incidents."