Buffalo Bills project to draft fourth

With one game left in the season, the NFL draft order continues to settle into place.

The Buffalo Bills had been moving farther and farther from the top spot with their little hot streak, but they now project to pick fourth after Sunday's loss to the New England Patriots in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

If the season ended today, the Bills, Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals would have the same records, but the Bills would move to the back of that mini-pack because they had the most difficult strength of schedule.

The Carolina Panthers clinched the No. 1 pick regardless of what happens in Week 17.

The Bills still can grab the No. 2 pick if they lose to the New York Jets at the Meadowlands. The Broncos will host the San Diego Chargers. The Bengals will visit the Baltimore Ravens.

Maybe the Broncos can knock off the Chargers. If the Pittsburgh Steelers jump on the Cleveland Browns and render the Ravens' game meaningless, then perhaps the Bengals can pick up a cheap victory over the mop-up squad.