A look at Jets, Pats seeding scenarios

ESPN Stats & Information has delved into the records, tiebreakers and other assorted mumbo jumbo to break down various seeding scenarios.

Here are some particulars for the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

  • The Patriots have clinched the AFC's best record and will have a first-round bye plus home-field advantage no matter what happens in Week 17.

  • The Jets project as the sixth seed, but can finish fifth, depending on what happens with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

  • If the Steelers lose to the Cleveland Browns, and the Ravens beat the Cincinnati Bengals, then the Ravens would win the AFC North. If that happens plus the Jets beat the Buffalo Bills, then the Jets and Steelers will finish 11-5. The Jets would be the fifth seed because they beat the Steelers head-to-head.

  • All of those three results must happen for the Jets not to have the sixth seed.

  • The Jets' possible first-round opponents are the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts or Jacksonville Jaguars. Those are the only teams that can finish with the third or fourth seed. The sixth seed will play the third seed. The fifth seed will play the fourth seed.