Jason Taylor's clock down to 12 hours

Jason Taylor doesn't have to worry about all the wackiness transpiring with the Miami Dolphins.

TaylorTaylorHe's with the New York Jets now, and he's about to participate in the playoffs -- for the first time in nine years. Right before the Dolphins won the AFC East in 2008, they traded Taylor to the Washington Redskins. He returned to Miami last year for a 7-9 season.

Taylor, at 36-years old, knows how precious these opportunities are. He'll take the field Saturday night against the Indianapolis Colts for his first playoff appearance since 2001. Taylor hasn't won a playoff game since 2000.

"This is it," Taylor said in a sitdown interview with ESPN's Hannah Storm. "I was telling my wife this morning on the way to work, 280 days or 290 days you work at football throughout the course of the year. For this, to get to January and have a chance to play in the playoffs.

"There's four games between now and holding the trophy. That's about 12 hours of real time. So you work 280-some days -- or whatever that number is -- 300 days for the next 12 hours of football life. That's how hard it is to get to this point and how important these next 12 hours of football time are."