Joe Namath can't bring himself to pick Jets

Joe Namath's heart says the New York Jets are going to beat the New England Patriots 30-27 on Sunday.

Mr. Jet can't deny logic is telling him something else entirely.

"Clearly New England has shown they are the better team, better than all of them at this point," Namath said Friday on his Sirius NFL Radio show. "Their regular season proved that with their 14-2 record. ... New England is scary.

"The Jets have to prove it, you see. They've got to go out there and play absolutely the best game they've played all year. They can't make the kind of mental errors they made earlier in the season with 10 penalties here, 11 penalties, busted assignments on both offense and defense.

"I think [the Jets] will play better. Yes, they'll play better defense this week, but I still believe ... you've got to show me you can beat New England at this stage, and I don't see it happening."

Pressed by host Adam Schein for an honest prediction, Namath finally relented: "I could see New England scoring in the 30s and the Jets not being able to keep up with that pace. If the Jets can't get a strong running game going, it'll be all New England."