Joe Namath sets stage for Jets-Steelers

New York Jets icon Joe Namath was a guest on "Mike & Mike in the Morning" and declared last week's victory against the New England Patriots second only to Super Bowl III in franchise history.

A triumph Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field would knock last week's monumental game down a peg to No. 3 in the Jets' all-time order. It would send the Jets back to the Super Bowl -- finally.

"The Jets haven't played their best football yet. I believe that," said Namath, who predicted a Patriots victory against the Jets last week at Gillette Stadium. "I think they've improved over the season, and these last couple of games have been tremendous confidence builders.

"They know what they have to do, and that's not beat themselves. They need to play a game where they don't make the kind of self-destructing errors that they had earlier in the season with the broken assignments and the penalties and the turnovers."

Namath dismissed the notion Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez might wilt from the intensity of Sunday night's do-or-die showdown.

"For anyone to think that this big game is any different than the big games that Sanchez has faced in his young career, they're wrong, man," Namath said. "This fella's played already five playoff games and has done a fine job. I don't think Sanchez is going to be overwhelmed one little bit with this opportunity."