Bang for the Buck: What AFC East spent

How much does it cost to field a winner?

Page 2 contributor Patrick Hruby ventured to find out by comparing dollars spent with games won -- the financial and on-field bottom lines to determine "Bang for the Buck."

Hruby examined the bookkeeping to determine how much each NFL club paid its players per victory in 2010. The list includes the total estimated payroll and the average.

Teams are ranked by least amount spent per victory.

4. New England Patriots

Payroll: $152.73 million.

Per victory: $10.91 million.

My take: The Patriots' low number per victory doesn't illustrate how frugal they are as much as the fact they won a lot of games. Hruby's survey showed the Patriots were outspent only by the Green Bay Packers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers spent almost $60 million less than the Patriots did and won 10 games.

7. New York Jets

Payroll: $127.36 million.

Per victory: $11.58 million.

My take: Thirteen teams spent more than the Jets did. That's a credit to general manager Mike Tannenbaum for accumulating such a noteworthy collection at reasonable prices.

18. Miami Dolphins

Payroll: $119.66 million.

Per victory: $17.09 million.

My take: If we want to include the No. 19 Seattle Seahawks, the Dolphins were at the back of a remarkable range of teams that made the playoffs at a discount. The Green Bay Packers were 16th, the Kansas City Chiefs 14th, the Philadelphia Eagles 13th and the New Orleans Saints 12th.

29. Buffalo Bills

Payroll: $104.41 million.

Per victory: $26.1 million.

My take: The Bills got what they paid for. Only four teams -- Arizona Cardinals, Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals -- had lower base salaries than the Bills did. None of them won fewer games than the Bills.