How does Mark Sanchez look for 2011?

In a season-review video for ESPNNewYork.com, analysts Trent Dilfer and Tom Jackson graded the New York Jets' campaign and gave their impressions of quarterback Mark Sanchez's development heading into his third season.

Sanchez's second season is open for interpretation. He had a handful of poor performances and some uninspiring stats, but the Jets went to the AFC Championship Game a second straight season with him.

"You see the same thing in that game and this season that you saw at USC," Dilfer said. "You go back and talk to his high school coaches. You saw it in high school. This is a kid with a special intangible makeup. The bigger the situation, the more pressure on him, the more difficult the situation it brings out the best in him.

"His fixes are easy: Do better when it's easy because when it gets hard, when it gets sticky, this guy's at his best."

Jackson added: "A lot of quarterbacks go through a sophomore slump. There was none of that for Mark Sanchez. He had his moments, his ups and downs. But the maturity level that he showed at the end of the year, it makes me excited about what we're going to see from him next year. ... You can see they're letting him play more and more."