Your Super Bowl prediction headquarters

Some accuse ESPN of not playing with a full deck at times, but here's a pack of 52 Super Bowl predictions from our crew for you to shuffle through.

Thirty-nine of our analysts, reporters, bloggers, editors or on-air personalities have forecasted a Green Bay Packers victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That group includes my prediction, which is tied to the nine games the Packers and Steelers played versus the AFC East this season.

AccuScore forecasts a tight matchup. The Packers won 50.5 percent of the 10,000 simulations by an average of 0.6 points.

We've also posted a list of celebrity predictions (thanks to the Scripps Howard News Service) because we knew you wouldn't be able to focus on the big game without knowing Cloris Leachman's thoughts.

You can voice your preference for the game, the quarterbacks and the coaches on the SportsNation poll page.