NFL Draft Machine makes its return

SportsNation has brought back the NFL Draft Machine.

Time to get your mock on by arranging your ultimate first round order.

Everybody in the Scouts Inc. database is available. Hover your mouse over a player's name to see a thumbnail scouting report. Then drag him over to the slot where you think he'll be drafted.

Buffalo Bills fans can state their preference for the third selection. Will it be Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus, Auburn quarterback Cam Newton or Louisiana State cornerback Patrick Peterson? Somebody else?

For the Miami Dolphins at No. 15, feel free to slot Alabama running back Mark Ingram like everybody else has or go a different direction, maybe Florida center Mike Pouncey.

Draft the entire first round however you wish. Go ahead and slot Whitworth punter Zack Clow or Tusculum kicker Gareth Rowlands to the New York Jets at No. 30.

About the only missing element is trading the picks. That prevents you from doing your Bill Belichick impersonation.

You must fill out at least the first 10 slots to submit your mock. Then you'll be taken to a page that stacks it up against the SportsNation consensus and the latest projections from ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper.