Sanchez's completion percentage in focus

In a "SportsCenter" segment that examines the New York Jets' draft needs, Trent Dilfer took a moment to evaluate quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Dilfer asserted the next step in Sanchez's development must be to improve his completion percentage in his third season.

Sanchez completed 53.8 percent of his throws as a rookie (29th among all qualifying passers) and 54.8 percent last year (29th again).

"That's the biggest issue with Mark Sanchez," Dilfer said. "He has proven he's the alpha male. He's the leader. He's the commander-in-chief of this offense, and he plays his best in big moments.

"But there's also first-and-10 in the second quarter, where you've just got to get the gimmie completion. He has to become more of a completion passer, dissect the defense and start dictating the terms."

Dilfer's comments aren't revelatory, but imagine how much better the Jets' offense would be if Sanchez could reach 62 percent. That would've placed him an ordinary 13th in completion percentage.

Using last year's attempts and average yards per completion, the extra 7 percent would translate to 36 more completions for an extra 430 yards for Sanchez.

That might not seem like a lot spread out over 15 games (he barely played in the regular-season finale), but it's nearly three first downs. A completion here or there, especially on third down or in the red zone or to get Nick Folk a little closer to the goal posts, can make a real difference within a game.