Chan Gailey won't attend your pro day

NEW ORLEANS -- Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey is known as a quarterback guru. But he has been noticeably absent from pro days. He didn't go to Auburn for Cam Newton, didn't go to Missouri for Blaine Gabbert, didn't go to Arkansas for Ryan Mallett.

Gailey won't go to anybody's pro day unless he's subpoenaed.

"I've done it when they told me to go," Gailey told me Tuesday at the NFL owners meeting. He's in his 17th NFL season. "I don't get anything out of it to be honest with you. Especially for quarterbacks, it's become such a production. I'd rather sit there and watch the film. I can sit there and run it back, run it back, run it back.

"The guys that we're really interested in, we're going to bring in, and I'm going to sit down and have a good conversation with them. I don't get a lot out of going to those things."

Bills general manager Buddy Nix attended the pro days for Newton and Gabbert and dined with each the night before. If anything popped up that Gailey needed to know, Nix would've informed him. They're happy with the scout-coach arrangement.

"Invariably, if I go to Gabbert's [pro day] and don't go to Cam's, then y'all are going to write about it," Gailey said.

True, but I told him conspiracy-driven fans then would deduce Newton was the one the Bills really wanted and the Gabbert visit was a smokescreen.

"See, that would be people assuming I'd be that smart to pull that kind of thing off," Gailey said.