Is Rex Ryan an overrated coach?

ESPN.com kicked off a series of "Hot Button" debates Monday with a question that should get AFC East readers fired up:

Is Rex Ryan an overrated coach?

Certainly, he has been successful with the New York Jets, taking them to the AFC Championship game in each of his two seasons. But overrated is a relative term, and the guy has been making Super Bowl pledges since his introductory news conference.

Football Outsiders managing editor Bill Barnwell and ESPN.com analyst KC Joyner square off in the debate. Here are their key salvos, but I recommend clicking on the link to read their full takes.

Joyner writes:

"Ryan keeps saying that his Jets are going to win the Super Bowl, but the bottom line tells a different story. His speeches seem to assume excellence -- or even dominance -- but his record says otherwise. He has a 20-12 record, with two seasons over .500, two wild-card wins and two divisional playoff wins. ... If that's greatness, we might need a new word to describe the many others who have done far more."

Barnwell writes:

"In a league beset by parity, great head coaches stand out by building a scheme and cultivating a team chemistry that matches the makeup of their roster. No coach in the league has done that better recently than the Jets' Rex Ryan."

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