Herm Edwards preaches about Cam Newton

Hannah Storm merely had to ask the question and then sit back and listen.

ESPN analyst Herm Edwards got on a roll when discussing how much teams should weigh Auburn quarterback Cam Newton's so-called character issues.

"There's concerns as far as off-the-field [issues]. As far what he does on the field? Oh, he plays football -- at a high level," Edwards said Wednesday, a day after Newton visited the Buffalo Bills. "You think about his mental toughness. What he put himself through this year with some decisions he's made off the field that we haven’t come to the conclusion of what they are right now ... But he mentally stayed focused on the job at hand: playing quarterback for the University of Auburn, winning a national championship, oh, by the way, won a Heisman Trophy.

"So, through all that, he found a way to play football. Remember: You're drafting the guy to be a football player, not be a counselor for your children, not to be a role model for your children. You need to do that at home as a parent."

Edwards, the former New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs head coach, clearly wouldn't be concerned with adding Newton to a roster.

"He has talent," Edwards said. "He has tremendous amount of talent. .... He has a presence about himself. That team followed him."