Zoltan Mesko getting most out of life

In case you missed it, New England Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko visited with "First Take" on Thursday to discuss a life story that caused the Wall Street Journal to name him the "most interesting man in the NFL."

Mesko is a native of Romania, the son of a former professional bowler. He speaks five languages. His family immigrated to the Cleveland area. He attended Michigan, was a four-time Big 10 Academic All-American and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years.

"When I was 10 years old, I barely knew American football existed," Mesko told the Wall Street Journal last year. "If you would've told me I'd get two degrees and a pro contract for kicking a ball in the air, I probably would have said, 'Oh yeah? Are you going to disappear into thin air for your next act?' "

To help cope with the boredom of a lockout, Mesko has put his degree from UM's Stephen M. Ross School of Business (the same Stephen Ross who owns the Dolphins) to use with the Graham Partners (no relation), a Philadelphia-based private equity firm.

So what have you done with yourself?