Another look at Dolphins and Bills as peers

Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey apparently struck a nerve with Miami Dolphins fans.

Gailey made some comments Tuesday that suggested the Bills and Dolphins were equals. The blog I wrote about it generated nearly 200 comments of passionate debate.

The subject was brought up again Friday in my chat and reignited the discussion for Dolfans, who scoffed at the notion the Bills were in their realm. The Dolphins went 7-9 last year, while the Bills went 4-12. But they split their games.

As I mentioned in the chat, if anybody should understand how quickly a bad team can overtake those ahead of them in the standings, then it should be Dolfans. They watched their team go from 1-15 to the division title just three years ago.

You can revisit that debate and some other AFC East issues -- most notably draft talk -- by checking out the chat transcript.