Cam Newton plans to leads by example

Cam Newton vs. The Sheriff (2:34)

In 2011 as Cam Newton prepared for the NFL draft Jon Gruden asked him about one day facing off against Peyton Manning. (2:34)

ESPN analyst and former head coach Jon Gruden has reprised his popular "QB Camp" series with the top quarterback prospects heading into the draft.

In this snippet from his visit with Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, Gruden asked him if he can be the emotional leader he was at Auburn the day he enters the NFL.

"I understand the respect," Newton said. "I understand I have to pay homage to the NFL, have to pay homage to the veterans that were before me. And I'm not going to say 'Hey, look. Hey, y'all listen to me.'

"I'm moreso a guy that leads by example, first off, before I even try to speak before anybody, because if somebody sees you doing the right thing first, then that gives leeway for somebody to somewhat follow you."