Santonio Holmes demands multiple years

ESPNNewYork.com reporter Rich Cimini caught up with receiver Santonio Holmes at a memorabilia show in Somerset, N.J.

Holmes is worried about one autograph in particular -- the one he'll put on his next contract.

Holmes wants a multiyear deal, not the one-year restricted free-agency qualifying offer the Jets tendered before the lockout.

"I want a contract, flat out," Holmes said. "If I sign a contract, it will be for multiple years. It won't be for one year."

Holmes didn't declare a desire to re-sign with the Jets, saying he'll sign the best offer on the table.

But his true free-agency status will be determined by the next collective bargaining agreement or whatever legal decision forces the NFL to proceed without a CBA in place. Under the 2010 uncapped season rules, Holmes would be restricted. In normal seasons under the previous CBA, he would be unrestricted and free to sign with whomever he wanted.

"I played five years to wait for my sixth year to come up," said Holmes, who was traded by the Pittsburgh Steelers last offseason because of off-the-field issues. "I don't want to play for a one-year deal. I wouldn't do it."

Holmes also revisited his comments after the Jets' loss to the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. He was upset over not being on the field at the beginning of the game and seemed perturbed with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

"I was being critical of not starting in the game," Holmes said. "However anybody wants to take it, whoever it was taking a shot at, that's that. I was being critical of not starting in the AFC Championship Game and I was frustrated. I was very upset that I didn't play for 10 plays. It probably made the biggest difference in how we played."