Bart Scott gets why Ochocinco covets Jets

When a star player like Chad Ochocinco publicly declares a desire to latch on with the New York Jets, linebacker Bart Scott gets it.

In an interview with Metro New York reporter Kristian Dyer, Scott touched on a few topics and shared his thoughts about the Jets being a hot destination.

"Of course it's exciting to hear that, and I think that Chad and other guys recognize that not only are we playing hard and playing well, we have an affection for each other," Scott told Dyer. "I'm really excited that he's a player who would want to be here.

"We don't care about personalities. Personalities like Chad we can handle. Santonio Holmes is an example of that. People didn't think we can handle him, but he had only one problem in two years, and he's been the model citizen here. I would welcome Chad here."

A Sports Illustrated poll of 279 anonymous players showed 21 percent wanted to play for Rex Ryan more than any other coach (aside from their own).

At the NFL owners meeting last month, Ryan said, "I'd like to have every player in the league want to play for the Jets. We're on the right path because I think a lot of players do want to play for the Jets. And the great thing is the players we have want to play for the Jets. That's important to me."

But the lockout has hurt the Jets' ability to capitalize on their popularity.

Last year, the Jets were limited in the free agents they could sign because of rules in place for the uncapped season. This spring, there hasn't been any free agency at all and probably won't be any until after the draft.