Will Chad Henne prove himself in 2011?

Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson takes a look at Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne in this week's "Pressure Point" column.

Williamson's opening paragraph:

There wasn't a player who disappointed me more in 2010 than Chad Henne. I expected Henne to take a huge step forward as a full-time starter with an entire offseason to prepare for that role, but he did not. In fact, he played terribly.

Henne has reasons outside his control for not performing up to expectations. The Dolphins' interior offensive line remained a chaotic mess. The running game didn't deliver.

But Henne certainly could have helped himself more.

Williamson remains cautiously optimistic about Henne's future for these reasons:

My take is less bullish than Williamson's. Henne hasn't been able to handle being the starter with nobody of real consequence looking over his shoulder. Chad Pennington always has been seen as an ally, and his injury situation didn't pose a threat to Henne the past two seasons.

Henne probably won't be so comfortably in place in 2011. The Dolphins have insisted Henne will have to compete to keep his job.

Whether the Dolphins draft a quarterback in the first round (they don't own a second-rounder this year) or pick up a veteran via free agency or trade, that player will be lurking behind Henne and a tempting alternative if head coach Tony Sparano gets frustrated enough to send Henne to the sideline.