Scott: Ryan like Obama, Patriots envy Jets

Bart Scott has been playing linebacker for Rex Ryan a long time, first with the Baltimore Ravens and the past two seasons with the New York Jets.

In a way only Scott can, he described how Ryan sets himself apart from other head coaches.

"It's how he talks and says what he's thinking and how he lets us be loose and talk," Scott told New York Metro reporter Kristian Dyer. "People don't think the president is supposed to be black either. They think a president is supposed to look a certain way. It's the same thing with Rex. He doesn't look and act the way other coaches act. And we love him for it."

Scott believes the New England Patriots secretly want to be the Jets and points to Wes Welker's playful exchange with reporters before their playoff game. Welker made 11 foot-related comments in a nine-minute news conference to poke fun at Ryan's purported foot fetish. Patriots coach Bill Belichick responded by benching Welker at the start of the game.

"That doesn't sound right, that kind of talk," Scott said. "That's when you know they're buying into us, when they start sounding like we talk. Wes Welker starts trying to be us, sounding like we do. That's how you know they want to be us."